Vancouver QTVR


Vancouver Christmas Lights on Trinity Street

Popped over to Trinity Street to check out this years Christmas lights. Shot another pan to test out the new flash 10 viewer, although by the time night came most of the snow had disappeared.

Walked along the street, loved this house. Just noticed while stitching that it is the same house I shot last year. Click photo for full screen Flash pan. If you have not updated to flash 10 yet you should, makes a huge jump in quality for Virtual tours. Now I can start posting more pans with flash after Apple deserted us with QTVR bugs they would not fix.



Spherical Painting

QTVR of a piece by Shannon Munro. Have not posted in a while as I have been figuring out all the new bugs in Quick Time and have been testing the latest flash alternatives. Click photo for qtvr.


Vancouver Christmas Lights

Merry Christmas! Popped over to Trinity Street to check out some lights, might pop back if it snows. First stitch of two panoramas. Click photo for qtvr.


The historic Ivanhoe Hotel

The historic Ivanhoe Hotel changed ownership and was transformed into the new CENTRAL STATION HOSTEL. If you have ever wanted to peek at a room in the Ivanhoe click photo.


Cameron MacDonald Catch of the Day

Amongst other concerns, this exhibition focuses on the “promise versus delivery” of present day consumer products. By drawing on thermal fax paper, a highly unstable medium, the artist produces disturbing—yet beautiful—images with an iron. Click photo for full screen qtvr. Catch of the Day is a drawing installation that can be seen as either a sequel or a prequel to [Liquidation qtvr 2006].
Update Thought it was so cool I shot another at the other side of room. Click [here] for more fish goodness.


Timbre Restaurant

Ryan's new Restaurant Timbre is now in full swing, popped by to shoot a couple photos for him. Poor guy had to lease the place for a full year until all the permits were ready but I'm sure his new place is going to be a huge hit. If you find yourself near 6th and commercial pop in for a pint or some excellent food. Click photo for Full Screen QTVR. Click [here] to visit Timbre's web site, Torben has almost finished the site, looking good. Or click [here] to see a QTVR from minutes before opening day with all the doors open.


Ucluelet waterfront

Still stitching some holiday snaps from the Ucluelet waterfront. Click photo for qtvr.
Click [here] for a view from the trail on left in better light.



Just stitching some pans I had no time for before. Vacation snap of downtown Uclulet, pretty much straight out of camera and published with pleinpot for speed. Sttiched with ptgui pro using new Sigma 8mm f3.5 6 shots.


Panorama video sequence

First test just for fun.


Object VR with Java Delivery

Have had a few questions recently about object Vrs with Java. Here is a 400k image with a 34k .jar, shot 36 images which still allows for a smooth rotation while not being to much work. Click photo for object VR. Click and hold image to rotate shoe.


Google Earth Panoramas

Wow this is uber cool. Still playing with the early version of the software but I managed to make it work. You can now view the Virtual tour right in google earth. Leave the sphere to navigate around google earth or climb back into the sphere by double clicking to explore the virtual tour. Click any photo to launch google earth.


The Orb

Probably one of the hardest pans I have had to stitch in a while and a pretty cool one. Documented an Art piece for the the memelab, click photo for full screen qtvr.


Thanksgiving 2007 QTVR

Another Pan of the Lan. Had an awesome turkey dinner and hours of CS Source :) Should have waited for Ryan and Ana etc but we had a full house and I lost my computer so good time to shoot a quick pan. Shot at 1600 iso, light was terrible but pan was just for fun. Click photo for full screen qtvr. I will stitch the other side of the room when I have some time.


West Restaurant

This pan was never intended to be so large, final output is to be 4 times smaller but wanted to play with the new un beta Pro Ptgui. Still holds up OK even though I shot at the lowest resolution to minimize aliasing. Caught a flu in Kamloops yesterday so spending my Saturday nerding out and doing some tests for fun. Still cant get an hdr image to resemble reality but the new multi layer jpg option still can shave a lot of time.
If I was a bigger Wine drinker I think I would be in Heaven at West Restaurant. Check out a full screen qtvr by clicking photo.


Surridge and Torres Family Pan

The Surridge clan met the Torres Gang for the first time, went for a nice breakfast at the Seasons in the Park and shot this pan for fun. Funny after seven years that our folks had never met.

Chopped up an old Panosaurus to make a dedicated spherical head for my sigma 8mm F3.5. The original panosaurus would not allow for a full zenith shot but hacking a couple inches off the top arm makes it possible. Chopping the arm also allowed me to ditch the panosaurus bracket and mount a small manfrotto quick release. Works great as I can mount the quick release in the correct orientation as opposed to the Nodal Ninja. Click photo for QTVR.


Torbos Friday Night Lan

Should have waited for more of the clan but it was Richards Birthday so thought I would shoot a quick pan of the lan. Click photo for full screen QTVR


Jay Hoots New Park

Jay Hoots from Norco was kind enough to come out and show off his new park he built for the city of Coquitlam. He pulled his punches to show what the kids can do with the park, got me thinking. I want to double check my Health Insurance before I drag my bmx out for a spin on the bigger runs. Click photo for QTVR, First of five.


Ptgui Pro HDR

Super fast experiment with the new options in the brand new Ptgui Pro. While the new HDR feature is a welcome addition, the most valuable feature in the hdr dialogue is the multiple jpg minus the hdr combined with an eraser tool in photoshop. This is the first test no HDR or tone mapping just the raw layers. This test is just a simple eraser in photoshop for 5 mins as I wanted to compare work flow times vs tonal quality. The HDR version is horrible so I might post that later, want to rule out a couple variables first. The work flow time to finished work is much faster if you are used to hand blending with the ability to auto bracket to individual layers with linkable layers.

The pan is the back Wine room at CinCin restaurant, always wondered what was back there. I don't know if you have to rent the whole room or just a table? Cool place though. Click photo for QTVR eraser test.


Cool Pool

Finally shot one of my favourite Vancouver buildings on Beach Ave. This is just a quick first stitch of the pool in the ceiling for fun. Need to capture with swimmer full effect. Click photo for full screen.


New DevalVR Test

Quick test of the new beta DevalVR. [Click] here for site. Deval is a great way to view quick time VRs without having quicktime installed, with a host of other features. Click photo for Virtual tour.


Cultus Lake

Popped up to Cultus Lake to shoot a Virtual tour of a Vacation resort and shot this photo from the Hill. Looked like a model in the photo from so far away so I nudged it along with photoshop. Click for Bigger.


New FlickR Gallery

Special thanks to Ross Ladell (who updates his blog less than I do) for getting me a pro FlickR account for my Bday! Just started uploading some pics to my first set. Click photo to visit my Gallery.


Cambie Street

Bought a "Mr Long Arm" Painting pole from Home Depot for $40 to try to capture the devastation that is Cambie Street. Granted it is no Agnos MrotatorH but for a few hundred bucks less it seems to have done the trick. Was unable to shoot full height as Direct sun late in the day was interfering with my IR remote. Click photo to launch full screen qtvr.


Western Magazine Awards

Im honored to have a piece at this years Western Magazine Awards silent auction, among some of Western Canada's finest photographers and illustrators.



Just got back from Ucluelet and Tofino. First stitch test with newly built panosaurus mod using the new sigma 8mm f3.5. Click for full screen QTVR


Little Mountain Studios Show

Well the show is coming to a close, I think We can call it a Success! Special thanks to everyone who came to the opening and buying a print. Keeps Galleries Like Little Mountain around to showcase local art. Click photo to have a peek at one side of the gallery.


Art Show Opening

Having a photo show with Mike Wilson on Friday Night. Little Mountain Studios Opening reception is on February 16, 2007 at 7 p.m. 196 East 26 th Avenue @ Main St. There should be some free food N Cheap Drinks so come early before we drink all the beer. Click photo for Hyper Local Web site.


MC Escher Graffiti

Walked by this Vancouver Alley today, as a fan of MC Escher I decided to shoot a quick QTVR of the graffiti. There is some great portraits farther up, I shall head back soon. Horrible light but first blend turned out OK. Click photo for QTVR.


Stanley Park Damage

As many as 3,000 trees were lost as winds reaching 100 kilometres an hour ripped through the park. Quick stitch test of Trail near prospect point. I do not recommend hiking through the trails just yet. Light was horrible but was trying for some drama. Sample image shows blending extremes, this was just a quick test to determine which of the 4 locations will work best. Click photo for QTVR.


The Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel

Old Biltmore hotel, now the"Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel, is a gem in the heart of the city!" Quote from site "At our Vancouver hotel guests can enjoy comfortable well-appointed guest rooms, and spectacular views of the city and North Shore Mountains. This hotel is centrally located in Vancouver, 10 minutes away from Science World, Granville Island Public Market, Chinatown, GM Place, BC Place Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center, and Canada Place Cruise Center"

Click photo for qtvr


Sam and Ben get Baptized

More family stuff landing in my blog, but there is always room for cute babies. Click photo to Launch Slide show. Remember the arrow keys on the keyboard allow you to change photos, or push the play button on the viewer menu for automatic slide show.

Cylindrical Flash Test

While none of the recent flash solutions can compete with the quality of Quicktime for full screen display, the new flash by immervision comes very close. Flash really comes into its own for small/medium viewers generally dominated by Java solutions. By switching to flash you can reduce the load times associated with java and up the quality and size of the viewer. Click photo for larger small display test.


Full Screen Spherical Flash Viewer

Just doing some more testing with immervision. One cool new module for immervision is the conversion tools. I popped in an old .mov and extracted the cube images. I then created this pan in flash from the cube files. Still trying to find out the best settings for full screen display but very close. Click photo for FlashVR.


Dylan and Liam with Kyshka and Damien

Quick pan shot with an 8400 of my Bro and I. Took my dogs and camera for a quick walk. Click photo for QTVR.

Sam and Ben

Click photo for qtvr of Sam and Ben visiting grandma's. Special thanks to Gaby and Patrick for holding the babies so still during the shoot :P Shot with Belarus Peleng and panosaurus on D70. Click [here] for flash gallery. Torres Grandparents and Great Grandparents click [here]


Merry X-Mas

And a special merry x-mas to the Surridge Clan. Ill post a few more pix soon. Being a photographer I seem to end up on the other side of the camera but here is a pick to start.
Click photo for large.


Dave Silver Tamron 14 F2.8 lens Test

This QTVR was photographed by Dave Silver. Made a full screen QTVR for him from the D70 at the minimum resolution with the Tamron 14mm lens. Looks nice. Found the lens in Vancouver $800 less than other cities, might think of adding that to the kit bag. Going to beg for some more images from Dave for testing. Click photo for Full Screen QTVR


WWP Event

The Next WWP Event is coming up soon [visit]
The theme is "Best of 06". Having a tough time (as always), I'm thinking of going with a QTVR from Mexico. It may not be my best work (captured at 1024 on a 8400) but these pans are some I love to look at the most (especially living in Vancouver). Click photo for full screen QTVR. *Update. Click [here] for new full screen flash test.



Just sorting through many of the panoramas I never got around to stitching. This was my home for a while in in the Jungle. Shot at 5am quick hdr pan from 8400.Click photo for full screen qtvr.


Vancouver Snow QTVR

Looks like the snow is finally melting, quick shot of East Vancouver Street with 10.5, D70 and Nodal Ninja. Click photo for QTVR


Vancouver Panorama in the Snow

Hiked up the hill to shoot a quick pan before all the snow disapears (hooray). Click photo to launch qtvr.


Liquidation show at Little Mountain.

Liquidation is an exhibition that examines the issues of over fishing, globalization and food security. It imagines a world—and can it be far off?—where commercial fisheries have collapsed, and in a final effort to turn a profit, anonymous corporations have caught, canned and now offer for sale all that is left in the sea....[more]


Panorama Fun with 3D

Ok, still a very first test, im in way over my head but having some fun. Still have a few things to learn before this technique will be ready, click photo for small sample.


The BC Hospitality Industry Conference and Exposition

Fist stitch test, masked out some of the crowd :) IF I had known there was going to beer free beer I should have taken a cab! Shooting with moving people can be a nightmare, first run looks good. Click photo for Full screen QTVR.


Toshiba new VR Helmet

A great new way to look at QTVR. This Photo has been around the web for a bit, still makes me laugh :P Click photo for CNN story (yes its real)

The Vancouver Flash Meetup

Popped over to Blast Radius to check out Charles Bihis, from Adobe (yes, the mothership itself) who gave an Intoduction to Flex. This is an excellent powerful development platform for Internet applications. (Wow wow wee Wah) Click photo for low res qtvr, going to try my hand at a flash out put asap


Portrait of a slot machine

Panorama photographic Cubist print test. Shot with Nikon 10.5 Click photo for large. Looks like the Virtual tour for River Rock Casino that I just shot is now online at Take a peek [here] . Check out the large viewer if you are on high speed.


Quick test, having to much fun creating these 360 photos. Will be having a small photo show in December so just experimenting with a few new numbers for wrapping panoramas before I start shooting. Click photo for large.


Vancouver Waterfront - Seabus station HDR

Quick little HDR blend of the Vancouver seabus. Just playing with some new numbers. Click photo for large.


New Pano Gallery

Just working on a small flash gallery to display some of my panoramas. First test with CS2. Click photo to launch.